Reclaim your power work with Miggy

Are you ready to...

Reclaim your power and start living your truth.

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you’ve tried to overcome your challenges before. You start making progress, but then retelling and reliving your story gets too painful. You end up feeling powerless and emotionally overwhelmed. This leads you to keep running from your wounds.

Can you relate?

defeated by past wounds

feel disconnected and dispassionate about life

feel disempowered and hopeless

difficulty upholding your boundaries

go between being over emotional or numb

constantly paralyzed by fear

doubtful about your life and future

constantly fantasize about escaping your life

Imagine if you could gain insights and find solutions to shift your experience to feeling empowered, confident and excited without retelling the story or reliving the pain of the past. 

What if I told you that you could…

Reclaim your power
Tap into your inner authority
Feel empowered and fearless
lunamoth reclaim your power
Free yourself of the limiting mindset
Release what isn’t serving you
Feel balanced and at ease

A luminous journey into your soul

I offer a variety of virtual options to help you understand yourself and your situation from an energetic perspective, so you can release the charge and ignite your healing without all the emotional overwhelm that has sabotaged your efforts in the past.


If you're ready to do deep work and want the benefits of a package with multiple services and spiritual coaching, a journey is right for you. Multiple to choose from.

Single Offerings

Trying something new? You can schedule a single offering of any of my energy healing or intuitive readings to assist you in clearing karmic patterns and gaining insights.

Free Discovery Call

If you're unsure how my energy and intuitive healing can support you or which offering is right for your situation, book a free 30 minute discovery call.

Benefits of coaching and healing practices

Through my virtual offerings, you will:

Receive insight into your energetic essence

Knowing who you are at soul level assists you in developing the capacity to discern what’s in alignment.

Clear karmic patterns

The patterns we uphold in our energy bodies affect us greatly. I support you in releasing them and understanding the root causes, so you can choose differently in the future.

Gain clarity about your purpose

You will leave with a greater understanding of your Divinity and soul's purpose.

Neutralize highly charged emotions

I create a sacred space of non-judgment to assist you in neutralizing the energetic charge associated with past wounds, so you can ignite your healing and step into your power.

What others say about my work...

"I do not have enough words to express the gratitude I have for Migdalia. I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders that I did not know I had! After having my soul realignment reading and doing my homework, I feel a lightness and extra energy throughout my day. Thank you Migdalia for guiding me to a deeper “self” healing.."
~ Tami Whitehead
"The soul realignment I received from Miggy was life changing. I felt an immediate, profound shift. Every interaction I have had with Miggy has been a wonderful experience. She is the real deal and a powerful healer."
~ Christy Anne, Writer/Artist/Healer

How empowerment coaching and healing practices support you


  • defeated by past wounds
  • paralyzed by fear
  • disempowered and hopeless
  • unable to uphold boundaries
  • over emotional or numb
  • spiritually disconnected
  • dispassionate about life
  • unsure of your path and future


  • unstoppable
  • grounded in your power
  • relieved and feeling a lightness
  • confident and on top of the world
  • clear on your path and purpose
  • aligned and supported
  • excited about life
  • seeing new possibilities for the future

Luminous Journeys

If you're ready to do ongoing deep healing work and want the benefits of a bundled package of empowerment coaching and healing modalities, these journeys may be right for you.

Soul Discovery Journey - $333

For seekers ready to explore your Divinity and open to spiritual play! Includes a soul profile reading, choice of an energy healing with chakra analysis or manifesting blueprint report, and 2 coaching sessions to support you in using the insights gained in practical ways.

Upleveling My Life Journey - $444

Ready to shift your experience and create a life of abundance and ease by fully aligning to your soul’s purpose, this journey is for you! Includes soul profile, analysis of future intentions and manifestation blueprint readings with a coaching session to create a plan of action. To uplevel our experience we need to be aware of and intentional in shifting our vibrational states, and in this journey you’ll gain wisdom and clarity around your role as co-creator that'll support you towards that end.

Owning My Power Journey - $333

Experiencing a specific challenge you're ready to shift, this journey is for you! Includes choice of “life situation” or “relationship” reading, additional service of choice and 2 coaching sessions. Often we get knocked off center when life’s challenges come because we're unconscious of the energetic patterns we uphold and the ways they lead us to playing small or self- sabotaging behaviors.

Business Alignment Flow Journey - $555

For entrepreneur ready to unleash your abundance flow and serve in alignment with your soul’s purpose, this journey is for you. Includes your manifesting blueprint, business alignment reading and 3 coaching sessions. We'll delve into the energetics of your business, your soul's purpose, areas of misalignment and create a plan of action to help you shift into alignment.

Ready to dive deep and experience transformation?

I’d love to show you how understanding yourself and everything as energy will support you. Begin your luminous journey by booking your first virtual session today!

Offerings List:

You can schedule all offerings online and they will be conducted virtually via Zoom. If you are new to the modalities of coaching and energy healing, you can book a 30 minute discovery call to explore which option may be right for you. 

Miggy with natural elements

As your empowerment coach, I'll hold space for you and facilitate the healing process to encourage you in igniting your innate healing capacity. I uphold you as the powerfully Divine being you are and creator of your life. With that support as well as the tools and insights you'll gain in a session, you'll be ready to step into your power and transform your life.

~ Migdalia Rodriguez

Steps to start a journey into your soul

Click on the "book now" button to schedule, make payment and provide pertinent information via the scheduler.

Once a session is booked, I will start the intuitive work to prepare for your session.

You will receive email notices with the Zoom link, documents to complete and reminders about your scheduled session.

Contact me with 24 hours of notice, if there's a need to reschedule. * Please note - no refunds or credits for no shows.

Arrive at your session on time and ensure you're in a comfortable place, free of distractions.

Come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to be an active participant!

If you're doing a journey, the next follow up service will be scheduled.

Post session, you’ll receive homework and tools to support you in integrating the healing.

Stay connected and follow me on social media to receive additional tips and resources on healing and soulful living.

I am the right practitioner for you, if you:

  • Are self determined no matter how scared or disempowered you feel right now.
  • Have an open mind and heart to try energy and intuitive healing even if you’re not sure what it is.
  • Aren’t attached to your story, perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts about self and others.
  • Are willing to release desired outcomes rooted in egoic or discordant patterns.
  • Are open to receive the insights and tools and committed to take action on them.
  • Are ready to do the work to step into your power and create a new experience.

I am not the right practitioner for you, if you:

  • Are attached to ideals of yourself or others as victims.
  • Aren’t open to alternative views and perspectives.
  • Have judgments about energy and healing modalities.
  • Don’t believe in your innate capacity to heal yourself.
  • Aren’t open to allow and surrender to how your healing unfolds.
  • Unwilling to do the work to integrate the healing and take action.
  • Aren’t willing to release the patterns  you’ve upheld that aren’t serving you.

Hello, I'm Miggy

I understand the many reasons we uphold patterns that keep us stuck and in disempowerment.

I started Infinite Flow Healing to inspire women to reclaim their power, so they can thrive and create the life they want. 

Migdalia Rodriguez intuitive healing practioner