Are you ready to harness the power of your emotional energy to gain the gift of clarity it offers?

If you're a woman ready to do the deep work of heart to heal from the wounds of the past that have kept you stuck, I invite you to book an emotional clarity session today.


"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

~Thomas Jefferson

Emotional Clarity

If you are here, I'm assuming...

Your heart desires to heal from past wounds that lead you to feel emotionally numb, and have kept you stuck in patterns that aren’t serving you.

You are ready to do the deep work of heart to gain clarity, heal, and transform your challenges and emotional pain into opportunities for inner growth and triumph.

Perhaps you've experienced failure in your attempts in the past but there's this profound yearning within you to break through because you’re exhausted from all the efforts that have gotten you nowhere and you know you’re meant for so much more.

But you're unsure how because your experiences with conventional personal development and self-help models have led you to overwhelming processes that keep you in a cycle of reliving and retelling the painful stories or practices that haven't led to significant results. 

When you're unsure of who you are, have unhealed emotional pain, and operate from societal conditioning, it is challenging to experience profound healing and gain sustainable resources that'll support you in moving forward in new and powerful ways.  

This cycle can lead you to experience even deeper pain because you feel like there’s something wrong with you which leads you to struggle with desiring anything in life. After all, you feel disempowered and hopeless. 

If this is you, it is because there are divine truths you are MISSING about who you are and how your energy bodies operate that impact your capacity to ignite healing, experience clarity, and show up in your power. 

I invite you to book an emotional clarity session today so you can:

  • Gain a bigger perspective on the emotional energy of a life challenge you experience.
  • Do the deep work of heart to disrupt the patterns that keep you stuck and compromising. 
  • Receive divine clarity about who you are & your life purpose.
  • Experience profound healing and support.
  • Learn truths about your divine nature that will help you to cultivate self-love.

What you'll experience...

  • Powerful insights and a bigger perspective into your energy.
  • A guided clearing intention and healing. 
  • Sacred space so you can share authentically.
  • Direction on contemplating and doing the deep work of heart.
  • Coaching support to help you use insights gained.

"The time comes when the pain to remain a caterpillar is greater than the metamorphosis it takes to become a butterfly."

~ AlexSandra Lett

What you'll need to bring to the experience?

  • The willingness to do the deep work of heart and be radically honest with yourself.
  • A deep commitment to stepping fully into your personal power.
  • An open mind to learn new concepts and apply them.
  • A curiosity to keep exploring the awareness you gained in the session to leverage it to create profound change.
  • $197 self-investment



You'll receive insights into the energy of your challenges and your divine nature. These concepts will support you in building capacity for soulful exploration and the nurturing of deep self-love.  In order to become the powerful creator of your life, you have to be really clear about who you are and understand your energy.


Healing is a necessary component to clearing your path to allow the things you desire to come in. You'll be guided through a cleaing intention and healing that will support you in releasing the energetic patterns you're engaged in that need awareness, renegotiating and/or to be released. 


The insights and clarity you'll gain in the session along with the healing will support you in claiming your personal power. Once you've had time to integrate the experience, you'll feel inspired to start showing up in bigger and powerful ways and take up the space that you know deep inside you're worthy of. 

About Me

I'm Miggy... a transformation coach and healing practitioner.

I love working with women that are ready to do the deep work of heart to heal the emotional pain that keeps them stuck in patterns that don't serve them so they can move forward in life with greater clarity, power and ease.

I combine coaching, intuitive and healing practices to help you gain clarity so you can transform the life challenges you experience. I utilize an Akashic Record reading and clearing process to facilitate a profound experience that will support and guide your transformation. 

My heart's desire is to assist you to build capacity and strength, so you can thrive in life.

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Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirming your session. You will also receive the Zoom link and information that will help you prepare for your session and will support you in self-exploration. 

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