Activate Your Healing, Power & Clarity

Ready to experience inner growth, healing or a breakthrough on an ongoing challenge but unsure what is holding you back?


You are invited to do the deep work of heart in a Soul Set session to explore what is at the root of it.


Migdalia will share her gifts of wisdom, love and unconditionality to sacredly hold and

guide you through a profound healing transformation.


In a Soul Set session, you will:

HEAL and clear the energetic imprints of past wounds and the patterns you have created that aren't serving and constrict, block and lead you to resist your self expression. 

Understand your sovereignty, personal responsibility, inner wisdom and energetic essence in order to POWER up, own your greatness and live your highest potential. 

Navigate life with greater CLARITY about who You are as well as the energy that increases your capacity and momentum to experience greatness, vitality, prosperity and love. 

A SOUL Set session will help you put closure to the energetic
patterns that aren't serving so you can heal and begin to
powerfully take inspired action towards your intentions.

Meet your guide

Migdalia is a healing transformation guide dedicated to the wellness and personal power of women. She loves supporting women to transform life challenges into opportunities for inner growth and victory.

Her passion for doing this work was inspired by hear own personal healing transformations and ongoing experiences of inner growth. She's a curious soul always seeking adventure, reveling in life's mysteries and experimenting with all that life offers. 

She'll guide you in doing the deep work of heart to heal and gain strength especially in navigating the emotional energy that can constrict you and lead to patterns that aren’t serving.

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Come experience Migdalia's wisdom, love and unconditionality as she sacredly

holds and guides you through a profound healing transformation.