Are you ready to heal the pain and learn to harness the power of your emotions so you can receive the gift of clarity they hold?

A journey will support you in gaining clarity into the energy that's at the core of what challenges you, doing the deep work of heart to understand the emotional pain that created it, healing and creating a plan of action so you can move forward in life with greater power and ease.

Personal power

You want to heal and get unstuck from a situation that feels heavy so you can move forward in your power. 


You desire for your relationship(s) to feel supportive but feel like no matter how much effort you put into it, you're constantly spinning your wheels.


You are ready to do life your way and want to release the expectations and conditioning that constrict you.

Energetic Perspective

I’d love to show you how understanding yourself and everything as energy can help you transform your life.

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I'm Miggy, a transformation coach and healing practitioner.


I love working with women who are committed to helping themselves heal from emotional pain and desire to set themselves free from disempowering patterns that don't serve them.


I combine coaching, intuitive and healing practices to help you heal emotional pain so you can harness the power of your emotions to transform the challenging life situations you experience.


My heart's desire is to assist you to build capacity and strength, so you can thrive in life.


About Me


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