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A Luminous Journey Into Your Soul

Embark on a luminous journey to explore yourself and your circumstances through an energetic lens. Doing this deep work will help you to see the root cause of your patterns and circumstances from an energetic perspective, which will aid you in releasing the emotional charge you associate with it. This is essential to igniting the healing process. 

I will support you in recognizing the Divine energy being you are so you can develop the capacity to discern what’s in alignment and what needs to be released. I can tell you from personal experience, that when you explore life with this unique perspective and take conscious action towards shifting the patterns that keep you stuck, you’ll be liberated.

If you know you’re ready to do some ongoing soul work, with a journey you get the benefits of a discount of the multiple services included. Review the descriptions below to see which journey resonates with you and if you’re ready, book a session today. 


To your freedom!

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Soul Discovery Journey - $333

If you're ready to explore your Divinity and open to spiritual play! This journey includes a soul profile reading, choice of an energy healing with chakra analysis or manifesting blueprint report, and 2 spiritual coaching sessions to support you in using the insights gained in practical ways.

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Upleveling My Life Journey - $444

Want to shift your experience and create a life of abundance and ease by fully aligning to your soul’s purpose, this journey is for you! Includes soul profile, analysis of future intentions and manifestation blueprint reading with a spiritual coaching session to create a plan of action.

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Owning My Power Journey - $333

Experiencing a specific challenge you're ready to shift, this journey is for you! Includes choice of “life situation” or “relationship” reading, additional service of choice and 2 spiritual coaching sessions. In this journey will explore the unconscious energetic patterns that lead to sabotage.

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Business Alignment Flow Journey - $555

For the entrepreneur that is ready to unleash your abundance flow and serve in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Includes manifesting blueprint, business alignment reading & 3 spiritual coaching sessions. We'll delve into the energetics of your business to address areas of misalignment.