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Come start your luminous journey so you can step into your Divine power and create a life of wellness, balance and joy.


  • My services are conducted via Zoom. 
  • Healing is available through distance means where you do not have to be an active participant or remotely through Zoom.
  • For clients in the area of Raleigh, NC, I am able to rent space if you are interested in an in person healing session. This will require additional time to schedule and is based on the availability of the space I rent. Complete the contact form above and indicate your interest in an in person session and I will be in contact soon. 

I am a former social worker and licensed school counselor with 26+ years of experience working with women and youth. I’ve supported countless individuals, students and families to overcome adversity through various roles at different organizations and public education. I have experience working on issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, family support, child and youth development and advocacy.

My training in the healing arts began in 2018 with Reiki. After my own transformational experiences with healing modalities, I decided to go on an adventure to Sedona, AZ to get trained. Energy healing modalities have supported me in countless ways and served as activations for my path into entrepreneurship.

I believe that with each additional modality I’ve received certification in , I’ve been initiated further into the truth of my soul and Divine essence. And now, I’m dedicated to sharing these tools with women who are committed to helping themselves heal from the emotional wounds of the past.

Whether in non-profits, public education or now as the owner of Infinite Flow Healing, my life’s vocation has always been motivated by my beliefs in personal power, self-determination and love. I am a champion of the human spirit, our Divine nature and capacity to thrive and create a fulfilling life.

  1. Go to the Work With Me page for booking links that will take you to my scheduler
  2. In the scheduler app you will be able to schedule, pay and provide the information I need to start doing the intuitive work and prepare for your session. 
  3.  You’ll receive a calendar reminder email with the Zoom link for your session.
  4. You will need to contact me with 24 hours of notice, if you need to reschedule. *** There will be no refunds or credits for no shows.
  5. Arrive to your session on time and ensure you are in a distraction free and comfortable place.
  6. Come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to be an active participant!
  7. Post session, you’ll receive homework and activities to help you integrate the healing.
  8. If you purchased a journey, we’ll schedule any follow up coaching or additional services based on your determination of time needed to integrate healing and take action.  
  9. Stay connected and follow me on social media to receive additional tips and resources about healing and soulful living

Your Akashic Record is the energetic database of your soul. It is where the energy of all your past choices and current choice trajectories are available. With your permission, I will access your Akashic Records to receive insights to support you in your healing intention. Your intention and self determination for change determines the information I will be able to access on your behalf. 

Based on the nature of my work, no refunds will be provided. Once you schedule and pay for your session, I begin the intuitive work to honor our exchange and prepare for your session. You honor the commitment made, by contacting me if you need to reschedule 24 hours before our session. 

I facilitate a healing process that not only requires you to be an active participant that activates the clearing work and receives the insights, but that also applies it with new action. When we bring light to the patterns we’re engaged in, we can utilize that consciousness to create new patterns that support our growth and serves us on our journey.

So your results are based on your self-determination to receive, integrate and TAKE ACTION as a result of the coaching and healing work I do in ways that honor your growth. My guarantee as a healing practitioner is to do the intuitive work on your behalf, facilitate the session, share the insights gained, hold space and be a supportive resource on your healing journey.

While my clients have experienced powerfully transformative healings from my offerings, I cannot guarantee how you will choose to apply the insights and the action you’ll take. From a spiritual perspective, no one can heal you, just as no one can take action on your behalf.

I commit to facilitating the process to witness, inspire and encourage YOU in igniting your innate healing capacity. I will also uphold the powerfully Divine being and co-creator you are, and support you in gaining the wisdom and tools to step further into your power. However, ultimately you have to be committed to doing the work.

I can’t promise it’ll be easy. Yet, I can tell you from personal experience and from witnessing so many others do it, that it’ll be worth it and life transforming.