Hello Beautiful Soul!

I understand the many reasons we uphold patterns that keep us stuck by giving away our power.

I’m Miggy! A transformation coach and healing practitioner on a mission to inspire women to reclaim their personal power, so they can thrive in live. 

What qualifies me?

My personal story and unique perspective

See, there was a time not so long ago (2010) that I was what you may call a “hot mess.”

Over emotional, unhealthy and unbalanced

I didn’t have awareness of who I am and lived according to my conditioning. 


I am extremely curious, have a unique way of experiencing life and a need to learn through experience. I thrive when I have the space and freedom to play with life. My learning process includes trial and error, which means I have to give myself permission to experiment, try things out without committing to them and to “fail.” It’s how I master things and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. 


Obviously, this is outside the norm and isn’t accepted nor nurtured in our society. We live in a world that pushes you to show results, succeed at all cost and to commit to one thing or one way. This conflict between who I am and what others expected, often caused a lot of friction in my life. 


So, I’d created a pattern of suppressing my natural inclinations and desires in attempts to “fit in.” No matter what I truly wanted, I was incapable of upholding my boundaries and made choices according to what was “right” or expected in my family, career and society. 

Sound familiar?

That’s because it’s how we’re socialized, especially women. 


But, once you understand your soul’s essence and purpose, you realize it doesn’t serve you. 


Actually, when you awaken to the reality that every soul is different and here to express its unique Divine essence, you recognize that fitting in serves no one and deconditioning is crucial to living your purpose and stepping into your greatness. 

Understanding energy and healing modalities helped me to build up my health, strength, and capacity. This has set me on a path of empowerment and continuous transformation. Seeing things through the lens of energy has been liberating. I am free... to be me, explore, and live life my way.

Check out my offerings to see how coaching and healing can support you.

Here’s how I support you

Work with me

I provide a clarity call so you can gain insights into the root cause of what keeps you stuck in emotional pain.

I create a sacred container for you to explore who you are and do the deep work of heart it takes.

I offer insight into your soul's energetic essence and facilitate the clearing of patterns that impact your Divine self-expression.

I create a relationship of synergy with you, where we work together to explore, learn and grow for your benefit.

I coach you to utilize the insights gained to create an action plan.

I facilitate a process of healing and help you release the emotional pain that keeps you stuck.

I provide tools to integrate your healing, while encouraging you to discern what resonates and what doesn’t.

I encourage a creative process of self-discovery to assist you in gaining and reclaiming your personal power.

The soul realignment I received from Miggy was life changing. I felt an immediate, profound shift. Every interaction I have had with Miggy has been a wonderful experience. She is the real deal and a powerful healing practitioner.

energy element

What drives me?

My life’s vocation is motivated by my beliefs in self-determination, self-love and personal power. I am a champion of the human spirit, our Divine nature and capacity to thrive and create a life of fulfillment, power and love.

My Healing Practitioner Certifications

My journey into my work was inspired by my own transformational experiences with healing modalities. Below is a list of my healing arts certifications and the teachers I’ve had the honor of studying with because it’s essential to give credit where credit is due.

Advanced Practitioners Certificate

Teacher: Andrea Hess

Master Practitioner Certificate

Teacher: Cathy Grossbauer

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Master Practitioner Certificate

Teacher: Stacey Gibbons

Master Practitioner Certificate

Teacher: Whitney McNeill

miggy healing practitioner

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More About Me


It’s my curiosity and quirkiness that allows me to support others in seeing their circumstances in new ways and with a higher perspective.   

I'm a mother of 3 beautiful daughters.

I’m fascinated by all things nature and metaphysics.

I LOVE to travel, especially road trips.

Dark chocolate and red wine are my favorites.

We have a fur baby named Ruby.

I’m an Aries and manifesting generator.

Books are my addiction... I read a lot.

I was born in Puerto Rico.

I'm a lover of life, people and the Divine!

My vision...

A world where ALL are thriving, embodying our Divinity, and aligned to 

the infinite flow of God’s blessings.

Are you ready?

Book your clarity call and let’s explore how you can transform your life!