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Hello Beautiful Soul!

If you’re here, I’m assuming…


It is your heart’s desire to heal and release the patterns that aren’t serving you.

You are ready to do the deep work of heart to transform your challenges and emotional pain into opportunities for inner growth and healing.


Perhaps you’ve experienced failure in your attempts in the past but there’s this profound yearning within you to breakthrough because you know deep inside you’re meant for so much more.


That is because your higher self or inner being is letting you know that you’re powerful beyond your knowing and you’re ready to own that! 


You’re unsure how because there’s so much noise and your experiences with conventional treatments and personal development models have led you to overwhelming processes that keep you in a cycle of reliving and retelling painful stories or practices you dread or don’t understand, and eventually give up on.


When you’re unsure of who YOU are, have a lot of unhealed wounds and operate from the societal conditioning that doesn’t serve, it is challenging to experience profound healing and gain sustainable resources that support you in deliberately living your highest potential. 


Perhaps, this cycle leads you to experiencing even deeper pain because you feel like there’s something wrong with you. It causes you to feel shame and struggle with desiring anything more because you don’t want to feel the disappointment of failure or fear of rejection.


If this is you, it is because there are truths you need reminding of about who you are and your innate capacity to heal, power up and walk your path with clarity. 


If you are curious about how healing practices can assist you in transforming your life,  I’m happy to speak with you, if you’re a woman who is 100% committed to doing the deep work of heart no matter how challenging it seems to you right now.


You will gain clarity about how your past wounds and energy are unconsciously sabotaging you and stopping you from creating what you want.


I invite you to book a clarity call today.


YOU ARE SO WORTHY OF IT and the world is waiting for you to live your highest potential and shine your beautiful light!

"Seeing the root cause of your patterns and circumstances from a bigger perspective, will aid you in releasing the emotional pain, which is essential to igniting the healing process."

– Migdalia Rodriguez


Wendy G. Bateman
Wendy G. BatemanEducator, Writer, Artist
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"Miggy is a wise woman, teacher, and healer with the gift of guiding one into remembering one's divine truth. I am deeply honored to be in kinship with a person of such profound love, sacred healing energy, and radiant beauty. Working with her has expanded my consciousness more than I knew was possible. The soul realignment session gave rise to strong feelings of clarity and confidence in knowing who I am and listening to my true soul's desires. Miggy taught me to use ‘intention’ as a loving and wildly empowering everyday tool. Like an inner compass, loving intentions and aligned actions will guide you through your quest."
Tami Whitehead
Tami Whitehead
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"I do not have enough words to express the gratitude I have for Migdalia. I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders that I did not know I had! After having my soul realignment reading and doing my homework, I feel a lightness and extra energy throughout my day. Thank you Migdalia for guiding me to a deeper 'self' healing."
Meredith Johnson
Meredith JohnsonCertified Shaman and Reiki Practitioner
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"The soul realignment reading I received was wonderfully transformative. Miggy delivered so much healing information during our session in a clear, concise manner. She was able to identify and help heal a time in my life (almost down to the exact year!) of significant, deep wounding. Through her clearing and the homework process, I feel so much lighter and ready to move forward! I am so grateful for this service and highly recommend it!"
Alma G.
Alma G.
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"Miggy gifts such an extraordinary ancient type of love in her beingness. It felt incredibly sacred to be in her space as she shared with me via zoom. Her gaze holds so much love as she witnessed me take in what was shared in the soul realignment session. This service was a doorway for so much more for me! At the time of this session, I was on a pilgrimage to do some heart healing and this was my first stop. It helped validate so much of what I already knew and felt, and provided me with a deeper understanding of my purpose on a cellular level. I was also so happy to become aware of some patterns and tendencies that were not helpful on my journey. With her help, I released them. My favorite part was the awareness of a much bigger birds-eye-view of my life. Thank you, Miggy, for being you and all that you do!"
Pooja Chilukuri
Pooja ChilukuriAuthor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach
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"Being a mom and business owner, my fatigue was easy to explain. And, using all the tools of self-care I preach about was not getting me the help I needed. I also sensed that some lifelong patterns of limiting beliefs were causing resistance in my progress both personally and professionally. This is when I decided to gift myself a session with Miggy for my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy and understanding of my patterns but also the non-judgement, kindness and compassion with which she shared them. The clearing that followed was very energizing and uplifting. At first, I felt tired but soon the mental clarity, energy and feeling of lightness kicked in. She's a person of integrity, gifted and heart-based practitioner. As a first-time experiencer of energy healing, I am blessed to have connected with her!"
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"Dearest Miggy, Yesterday's session was incredibly powerful, magical, and transformative! I'm currently at a loss for words, but I just want to say THANK YOU for holding me so sacredly, for honoring my truest essence, and guiding me to restore my divine soul's blueprint. I just completed day 1/21 of my HW and my fiery soul is beaming. 💗💫💗💫 There are sooo many things I am sorting through at the moment, but if there is one thing that has a totally new meaning after yesterday is: intention. Thank you ever so much, my dear!"

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Enjoy some of my featured work and guest appearances. 

The Live Wholism Podcast 10/18/2022

ARE you ready to SHIFT?

I am often told I give powerful insights into difficult situations.

My genius is my capacity to see things with clarity, recognize higher purpose in obstacles and share wisdom with precision. 

I’d be honored to guide you on your healing journey if you’re committed to doing the work. 

Often times when we’re in the midst of struggle, our minds become unclear and our emotions charged. This can create a cloud of confusion that makes it difficult to see our circumstances with the neutrality and clarity that will lead to practical yet honoring solutions.

That’s where I shine and love to be in service.

If you’d like to get a feel for my brand of wisdom, you can purchase a musing sample on a challenge or dilemma you’re experiencing. After that you can decide if you’d like me to guide you in doing some deeper work of heart in a container of my deep wisdom, love, neutrality and power. 

Miggy smiling

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Miggy – a healing transformation guide dedicated to the wellness and personal power of women. I am devoted to inspiring inner growth and healing.

I believe that everything we seek is within! 

You already have the innate capacity and inner wisdom to heal and transform your life, you’ve just forgotten this. 

My desire is to inspire you to decondition and release what’s causing the inadequacy and constriction. I combine intuitive guidance and healing practices to help activate you and reconnect to your power. This is what will catalyze the knowing that starts dismantling the mental confusion and emotional instability that leads to patterns that aren’t serving you.

I’m passionate about sharing my wisdom, love and unconditionality to hold sacred space for women to experience profound healing and transformation.

If you’re ready to do the deep work of heart, I’d be honored to guide you!


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