Heal the pain and learn to harness the power of your emotions so you can receive the gift of clarity they hold.

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

If you’re here, I’m assuming…


It is your heart’s desire to get unstuck and finally release the patterns that aren’t serving you.


You are ready to do the deep work of heart to transform your challenges and emotional pain into opportunities for inner growth and triumph.


Perhaps you’ve experienced failure in your attempts in the past but there’s this profound yearning within you to breakthrough because you’re exhausted from all the efforts that have gotten you nowhere and you know you’re meant for so much more.


But you’re unsure how because your experiences with conventional personal development and success models have led you to overwhelming processes that keep you in a cycle of reliving and retelling your painful stories or practices that you dread, and you eventually give up.


When you’re unsure of who you are, have a lot of unhealed wounds and operate from the societal conditioning that doesn’t serve, it is challenging to experience the profound healing and sustainable resources that support you in powerfully creating what you want in life.


This cycle can lead you to experience even deeper emotional pain because you feel like there’s something wrong with you and struggle with desiring anything in life because you don’t want to feel the disappointment.


If this is you, it is because there are divine truths you are MISSING about who you are and how your energy bodies operate that impact your capacity to ignite healing, experience clarity, and show up in your power. 


Are you are curious whether energy work can assist you in transforming your life?  I’m happy to speak with you, if you’re a woman who is 100% committed to doing the deep work of heart no matter how painful it seems to you right now.


You will gain clarity about how your emotional energy is unconsciously sabotaging you and stopping you from creating what you want.


I invite you to book a clarity call today. YOU ARE SO WORTHY OF IT and the world is waiting for your greatness!

"Seeing the root cause of your patterns and circumstances from a bigger perspective, will aid you in releasing the emotional pain, which is essential to igniting the healing process."

– Migdalia Rodriguez


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Are you ready to Release the wounds of the past and experience life in new ways?

Book a clarity call to explore how you can transform your emotional pain into personal power.  

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Miggy – your transformation guide and POWER space holder!

As a transformation coach and healing practitioner, I help you gain clarity so you can transform emotional pain into personal power.

I combine coaching with intuitive and healing practices to help you heal and harness the power of your emotions to transform the life challenges you’re experiencing. My heart’s desire is to assist you to build capacity and strength, so you can thrive in life.
I love working with women who are committed to helping themselves heal from emotional pain and desire to set themselves free from disempowering patterns that don’t serve them.



“The soul realignment reading I received was wonderfully transformative. Miggy delivered so much healing information during our session in a clear, concise manner. She was able to identify and help heal a time in my life (almost down to the exact year!) of significant, deep wounding. Through her clearing and the homework process, I feel so much lighter and ready to move forward! I am so grateful for this service and highly recommend it!”

~ Meredith Johnson
Certified Shaman and Reiki Practitioner

“I do not have enough words to express the gratitude I have for Migdalia. I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders that I did not know I had! After having my soul realignment reading and doing my homework, I feel a lightness and extra energy throughout my day. Thank you Migdalia for guiding me to a deeper ‘self’ healing.”

~ Tami Whitehead

“Miggy gifts such an extraordinary ancient type of love in her beingness. It felt incredibly sacred to be in her space as she shared with me via zoom. Her gaze holds so much love as she witnessed me take in what was shared in the soul realignment session. This service was a doorway for so much more for me! At the time of this session, I was on a pilgrimage to do some heart healing and this was my first stop.
It helped validate so much of what I already knew and felt, and provided me with deeper understanding of my mission/purpose here on planet earth on a cellular level. I was also so happy to become aware of some patterns/tendencies that were not helpful on my journey. With her help, I released them.
My favorite part was the awareness of a much bigger birds-eye-view of my life. 
Thank you Miggy, for being you and all that you do!”

~ Alma G.

I'd love to show you how understanding yourself and everything from a bigger perspective and through the lens of energy can transform your life.


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